Last Updated on March 31, 2024

If you’ve been wondering which US airlines are the best, we have answers based on a recent report from the personal finance website WalletHub. 

The report compared 14 metrics, including comfort, cancellation and delays, baggage handling, and the ratio of cost to amenities.

The goal of the report was to offer travelers a way to make more informed choices about which airline they fly.

WalletHub analyzed eleven different US airlines to discover the most comfortable airline, the most reliable, the most affordable, the best airline for pets, and the safest airline.

Let’s kick off with the best airline overall.

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6 Best US Airlines According To Report!



Delta Airlines air craft parked


Photo of Spirit Airlines airplane above the sky.

Photo credit - Wikimedia





JetBlue Airways airplanes in an airport in USA



passenger traveling with a pet dog inside an airplane



Envoy Air

Photo credit - Wikimedia



passengers inside an airplane



Heading from Nicaragua to El Salvador on an Avianca flight

Final Thoughts: 6 Best US Airlines According To Report

There are more factors to consider beyond affordability when it comes to choosing an airline.

Hopefully, this list has helped you discover the airline that best matches your preferences and values, whether that is safety, reliability, comfort, or pet-friendliness.

To summarize, Delta Airlines is both the best airline overall and the most reliable, with high safety rates, low cancellations, and careful care of traveler’s furry friends.

Spirit Airlines was not only the most affordable but also came in second place as the best airline in America.

The airline offers cheap fares, good amenities, high safety rates, and minimal baggage mishandling incidents.

Delta Air Lines, SkyWest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines are perfect for flying with a pet since none of them reported any animals lost, injured, or killed during transport.

JetBlue is the most comfortable airline, offering legroom and great amenities, while Envoy ranks as the safest airline.



Ready to book your next flight?

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  1. Jenna

    This is a very helpful article regarding the best airlines in the US. It’s important to have this information when making an informed decision regarding who you’re going to fly with. I’ve always felt Delta was the best!

  2. simplyjolayne

    I’d probably fly Delta more if there was a hub in Denver.


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