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Are you planning to fly American Airlines for your next vacation? If so, it’s important to know if they offer the comfort and reliability you need while traveling.

Knowing what other passengers say before booking a ticket can help you make an informed decision about whether or not American Airlines is right for your journey.

This blog post will provide an honest review of the pros and cons of American Airlines.  We’ll look at airfare prices, customer reviews, overall services, and more.  So keep reading to find out if flying with American Airlines is good or bad!

Is American Airlines Good?

Let’s get to it and answer the question “Is American Airlines good?”  The US carrier American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, has much to offer customers with a wide range of services.

Most American Airline flights have music and entertainment available, so customers never have to worry about being bored during long flights.  Furthermore, there are no change fees for passengers looking for more flexibility.

However, some customers may be put off by bag fees and reliability issues from time to time.  Overall though, American Airlines has plenty of advantages that make it a great airline for the average traveler.

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The U.S. airline has almost 7,000 daily flights to 50 countries and 350 destinations.

Is American Airlines Good?  Pros















Is American Airlines Good? Cons

American Airlines air craft flying above the skies

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American Airlines is a good airline to fly. They offer many different affordable and luxurious ways to fly.

Is American Airlines A Good And Safe Airline To Fly?


American Airlines is a good airline to fly. They offer many different affordable and luxurious ways to fly.

Their modern fleet and expansive rewards program allow American Airlines to stand out among its competitors as one of the best options on the market.

As a larger airline, American also comes with great safety ratings and customer service.  Their flight attendants are known to be friendly and welcoming, helping to make your in-flight experience one to remember.

Passengers can use their AAdvantage miles to redeem free flights or book award seats at discounted prices.

They also offer services like priority boarding and companion fares, so flying with American Airlines makes travel convenient.

All in all, American Airlines provides good value for your money and makes flying a lot easier than driving!



Is American Airlines Better Than Delta?


Delta Air Lines is known as the premier international airline with superior customer service. They have also been voted the most reliable carrier in several cases.

However, American Airlines runs more daily flights than its competitors allowing customers greater flexibility with scheduling.

Plus, the AA rewards program offers more value for your points, so you can get the most out of your budget.

Ultimately, choosing between American Airlines and Delta will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

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Is It Better To Fly American Airlines Or United?


United Airlines and American Airlines offer different benefits when it comes to booking a flight.

United has fewer flights than American, but United also offers better credit card perks and more comfortable seating options.  Additionally, United is affiliated with fewer partner airlines.

The choice of United or American may come down to which hub you’re closest to and where you can find the most convenient non-stop flights.

If you are looking to earn elite status, this might also influence your decision between the United and America—there could be greater opportunities at whichever hub you’re closest to.

For more on United Airlines including the pros and cons go here. 



Final Thoughts: Is American Airlines Good?


So, is American Airlines good?  American Airlines is a good airline if you are looking for a wide range of flight options and rewards among different U.S. airlines.  

Known as the largest airline in the U.S. with its size and extensive classes of services available, it offers plenty of choice for travelers.

However, it does have disadvantages – with additional fees for certain features and less reliability than some other airlines, there are things that prospective customers should bear in mind when making the decision to fly with American Airlines.

No matter which airline you decide to go with, there are going to be some negatives along the way.  The pros of American Airlines seem to outweigh the cons.

Safe travels!



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Me on a flight to Florida in 2023

Me on a flight to Florida in 2023




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    Thanks for sharing such great information. I personally think all airlines function the same and for the most part, their policies are similar. I have traveled mostly with Delta Airlines but have also traveled with AA. Good to learn about all they have to offer.


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