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Delta is one of the longest tenured and most popular airlines in the US, and it’s one of my preferred ways of travel.  They are one of the largest airlines in the world and have over 5,000 flights every day!   In this post, we’ll look at whether or not Delta is a good airline, and safe. 


This airline claims to be the most rewarded and there are many pros about flying with Delta, but there are some cons that you should know about, as well. 

So is Delta a good airline?  Here are 14 Things to know about Delta Airlines: 



Is Delta A Good Airline?




Delta Airlines is a good option for flights

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Is Delta A Good Airline?  Pros



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Is Delta A Good Airline? Cons



Delta is a good airline and one of the safest


Is Delta A Good Airline?


Although there are a few drawbacks, Delta Airlines is a premier carrier and is a safe option for flights and traveling.  I’ve also used them several times and although they can be on the expensive side, their in-flight experience is top-notch.


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Safe travels!



  1. Mohammad Sohail

    I am working for Delta airlines and This is my privilege to be a part of this esteemed organization.
    Delta is love.

  2. Jeannie Hasty

    Delta IS the best! I should know, I was a Delta flight attendant for 41 years! Delta treated us with kindness and respect, so in turn we treated our customers with kindness and respect. Loved my job! Retired when Covid hit in 2020. Couldn’t imagine wearing a mask and avoiding contact with passengers, which is what was originally dictated to us in the beginning of the Covid outbreak. I do miss it, but I’m glad I went out when I did. I never had to wear a mask at work and would haved hated to have that be some of my last memories of my lifelong profession. DELTA-KEEP FLYING!

  3. Anonymous

    I love Delta! Is is my top choice airline… but I do agree. Sometimes its harder to justify paying such a premium when there’s other great and more affordable airlines.

  4. Paige J. Watts

    Delta is definitely my airline of choice. Another great pro is that they have a lot of direct flights, so if you live near a hub like I do you hardly ever have to have a layover

  5. Anonymous

    Great article & very informative. Will keep this in mind next time I fly!


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