What Is The Travel Blogging Blueprint? 

This course is for the people that were just like me 3 years ago, people that have a passion for traveling and writing but didn’t know how or where to start. It’s for those people who want to build their blog into a brand and business. 

If you want to do this full-time and work and live life on your own terms or if you just want to do this part-time and earn a few thousand dollars a month, this is for you. 

Full disclosure- I still work a full-time job unrelated to my blog but that’s because I enjoy it!  But I’ve still been able to grow my blog even doing this part-time and you can too! 

This course is for those who have a vision about what they want with their blog but maybe just need some guidance or some hacks that will take them further. 

If you want to grow your blog and not just stagnate, it’s so much better to invest in a course to help you accelerate your results.

Is This Course For Me If I Have A Different Blog Than Travel?

Yes! If you have a blog in a different area of blogging, the concepts are still applicable.

Is This Course For Me If I Already Know SEO & Know What I’m Doing?

Are you getting the results that you want with your website? If you are, then you may not need this, but if you’re looking to improve and grow, then I believe this will be useful for you.

What This Course Is About

This course features the best strategies from all areas of travel blogging.  

From SEO to Updating & Optimizing Old Posts to Affiliate Marketing, to Backlinks & More, my goal is to help you to get traffic to your website fast to make money with ads, tour bookings, and hotel bookings. 

I share my approach on how to treat your blog like a business and not just a side hobby.  And I’ve taken the best and most useful information that I’ve learned from Blogging Courses, SEO & Affiliate Courses, Podcasts, Facebook Groups, and more, and consolidated everything into this Travel Blogging Blueprint! 

To celebrate the launch of this course, we’re offering 50% off for a limited time! 


Any other questions?  Email me at [email protected]