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Are you considering a trip to the idyllic coasts of the Dominican Republic?  If so, one of the top questions on your mind might be, “Is Punta Cana safe?”

Fortunately, yes! Although nowhere is 100% safe, Punta Cana is a moderately low-risk destination for travelers.

The gorgeous white sand beaches and turquoise waters draw millions of tourists every year.

In fact, about seven of the ten million people who visited the Dominican Republic in 2023 went to Punta Cana.

Although the Dominican as a whole suffers from high crime rates, including violent crimes such as armed robbery, the statistics in Punta Cana paint a far more promising picture.

Dominican authorities work hard to keep Punta Cana safe.

Besides having police officers, they’ve also implemented safety measures in Punta Cana resorts and increased food and beverage safety checks.

However, as with any trip to a foreign country, it’s important to follow safety precautions.

Tourists can still be victims of opportunistic crimes, such as petty theft and scams. 

Visitors should also safeguard their health through Centers for Disease Control-recommended vaccines, preventing mosquito-borne illnesses, drinking purified water, and avoiding overexposure to the sun.

This popular tourist destination on the east coast of the Dominican Republic is well worth a visit. 

Let’s dive into more considerations to ensure you make the most informed decision possible regarding whether Punta Cana is a safe place for you.



Turquoise Caribbean sea in Bavaro Beach with  tourists in the shore in Punta Cana



family at the beach in Punta Cana

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a happy woman in pink standing in the white sands beach of Saona Beach in Punta Cana


a girl in the middle of Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana



resort in Punta Cana at night




aerial vie of a large pool in a resort and the beach in Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana

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Dominican Republic flag in Punta Cana



relaxing huts and palm trees in a resort in Punta Cana


Why Is Punta Cana So Popular?

Punta Cana is popular because of its amazing white-sand beaches with stunning turquoise water, luxurious all-inclusive resorts, fun water activities, and popping nightlife.

The scenery and attractions scream “Caribbean” but are often offered at more affordable prices than many other islands in the region.

Visitors to Punta Cana enjoy snorkeling, scuba-diving, wakeboarding, parasailing, and zip-lining through the jungle canopy.

Dominican dishes like sancocho, chicharrón, and mofongo add extra appeal.

Booking with an all-inclusive resort makes budgeting and logistics easy and often includes fun activities and all-you-can-eat buffets.



Punta Cana Safety Tips

Punta Cana Safety Tips

Just mentioning Punta Cana conjures images of pristine beaches and tropical bliss.

However, like any travel destination, safety should be a top priority (whether or not the U.S. State Department says to “exercise increased caution”).

Let’s delve into some essential safety tips to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable stay in this Dominican paradise.

Personal Safety

✓ Avoiding Theft

Punta Cana, known for its stunning beaches and all-inclusive resorts, is generally safe. However, opportunistic crimes like pickpocketing and bag snatching can happen.

Follow these guidelines to keep your belongings secure:

Stay vigilant and alert to what’s happening around you, especially in crowded areas.

Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and carrying large sums of cash: Get local currency if you can, and carry cash in multiple pockets to make it harder for pickpockets.

Use a crossbody bag and hold it securely.

Avoid using credit/debit cards in public areas: and be cautious when using public wifi. Cloning and identity theft are prevalent.

Make copies of your ID and passport: take those with you when you go out so you can leave the originals in your hotel safe.

Theft from hotel rooms is not uncommon, even in resorts.

Always lock your room: close the windows and balcony doors when you leave, and keep your valuables in either the room safe or the front desk safe.

Beware of Scams: some people in Punta Cana pretend to be lawyers or police officers.

It’s okay to ask for proof of their identity. Do your research before using a local lawyer.

Fake excursions are another potential scam: Do your best to choose reputable tour companies and avoid depositing money to companies or tour guides you haven’t researched.

✓ Traveling Smart

Refrain from walking in the streets alone: especially after dark, and don’t go to isolated and remote areas.

If you plan to enjoy the nightlife, go with a group of friends or fellow travelers.

Drink responsibly: It’s important not to get drunk so you can maintain full use of your judgment, stay alert to potential risks, and prevent anyone from tampering with your food or drink.

Avoid sharing personal information: such as where you’re staying, your room number, or details about your itinerary.

Share your itinerary with family and friends: check in with them regularly, and let them know where you’re staying and what numbers to contact if you miss a check-in.

Familiarize yourself with the local public transportation system: or use reputable rideshare services like Uber instead of taxis.

If possible, learn some of the local official language (Spanish) so you can ask for directions, ask for help, and avoid scams.

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Health and Environmental Safety

✓ Sun Protection

The sun and tropical climate in the Dominican Republic are intense. So be sure to use sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

Avoid the intense midday sun from 11 am to 3 pm to prevent sunstroke.

✓ Tropical Storms

Stay updated on weather conditions, especially during the rainy season (June to November).

There is a possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes during this time, so consider insuring your trip for peace of mind.

✓ Preventing Illness

The tap water in Punta Cana isn’t safe to drink, so stick to bottled water. Staying hydrated will help keep you healthy and feeling your best.

Guard against mosquito-borne diseases by using repellent and appropriate clothing.

Consider the CDC’s recommendation for malaria medication.

Ensure you’re up to date on all your standard vaccines, consider getting a typhoid vaccine, and decide whether or not to take a malaria prophylaxis during your trip.

Don’t buy food from street vendors or any other questionable source.

The last thing you want is to get a stomach bug or food poisoning! Always wash your hands before eating as well.

Buy comprehensive travel insurance before your trip to make sure any health-related issues that might come up are covered.

Transportation Safety

Use licensed taxis or rideshares like Uber.

Steer clear of local motorcycle taxis (a.k.a. motorcoaches), as they can be unsafe.

There are a lot of road deaths in the Dominican, and motorcycles are a contributing factor.



a pool and relaxing chairs facing the beach in Punta Cana

Photo credit – Expedia

⭐️ Rating: 7.7/10     📌 Location: Highway Macao Uvero Alto Beach, Punta Cana   Check Rates Here

Situated on a gorgeous beachfront in in Punta Cana, the Royalton CHIC Punta Cana is a 5-star resort that features a stellar outdoor pool, a spa and wellness center, upscale restaurants, a bar, and a private beach area.

I stayed in this resort during my vacation in Punta Cana and I can assure you, this place is worth it!

From their world-class service, top-notch food, and amazing views, the Royalton CHIC is truly a tropical paradise.


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luxurious resort in Punta Cana with a private pool in each accommodation

Photo credit – Expedia

⭐️ Rating: 9.0/10     📌 Location: Uvero Alto, Punta Cana   Check Rates Here

If you’re looking for the best luxury and more private accommodation in Punta Cama, Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana is your best choice.

This luxury resort features a huge outdoor swimming pool and relaxing indoor pools in each accommodation.

It also offers a beautiful private beach area, a bar and garden for guests to relax and unwind.

The impecable service and stunning amenities will make your stay in Punta Cana truly memorable.



2 beds in a spacious apartment hotel bedroom in Punta Cana

Photo credit – Expedia

⭐️ Rating: 8.5/10   📌 Location: Av. Pastor Domingo de la Cruz, Punta Cana  Check Rates Here

For budget-friendly accommodation in Punta Cana, I highly recommend the Costa Love Aparta Hotel

This aparthotel offers complete room amenities and features an in-house restaurant and bar for an affordable price.


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serene beach atmosphere in Saona Island in Punta Cana


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