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Tampa draws in a lot of visitors with its fun activities and access to beautiful white-sand beaches, and over 24 million tourists visit each year.  One of the top things that people may ask themselves when planning a visit to this Florida city is, is Tampa safe?

Safety is a huge part of traveling, and it’s important to know whether or not you’ll be safe visiting a destination.

Fortunately, Tampa has a relatively low crime rate, so you can plan your Florida vacation with less worry about becoming a victim of crime.

In this post, I’ll let you in on everything you need to know about safety in Tampa, and how safe of a destination it is for families, tourists, solo travelers, and more.

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Top Tours in Tampa

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Tampa History Cruise – (Learn Tampa’s History On A Cruise)

Historic Ybor City Food Walking Tour – (Guided Food Tour In Ybor City)

Top Hotels & Accommodations in Tampa

Courtyard By Marriott Tampa – (Budget To Mid-Range Stay In Tampa)

AC Hotel By Marriott Tampa Airport – (Top Rated Hotel Near Tampa Airport)

Hyatt House Tampa Airport/Westshore – (Highly Rated Hotel With Bar & Pool)

Hotel Haya – (Best Rated Hotel Near Ybor City)

Looking To Get Around In Tampa

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Millions of visitors flock to Tampa on Florida's west coast each year for its fantastic beaches, warm weather, and fun attractions.



Is Tampa Safe For Families?

Yes, Tampa is definitely a safe vacation destination for families.

In fact, tons of tourists each year visit Tampa for their family vacations, thanks to the area’s fun attractions.

From nearby Clearwater Beach to the Clearwater Aquarium and the Busch Gardens amusement park, families have a lot of fun here.

When traveling with kids, be sure to book accommodations in safer neighborhoods and avoid going out at night.

But all in all, Tampa is safe for families.



Is Tampa Safe For Solo Travelers?

Of course, there is always a risk when traveling solo, but Tampa is a great, safe place for solo travelers

There is plenty to do when alone such as relaxing on the beach and visiting the many restaurants in the city.

When you’re alone, you should take extra safety precautions such as being aware of your surroundings, staying in safe and secure accommodations, and avoiding going out at night when possible.



Visiting Tampa at nighttime is riskier than during the daytime, but it can still be done safely by taking a few extra precautions.



Is Tampa Safe For Tourists?

Tampa is a very popular tourist destination in Florida, thanks to its beautiful beaches and popular activities, but you may wonder, is Tampa safe for tourists?

While the city’s crime rate is higher than the national average, it is still most definitely a safe place for tourists to visit.

Because most Tampa crime is confined to certain neighborhoods, it’s pretty easy for tourists to avoid those neighborhoods and stay safe.

Sticking to well-traveled and well-lit areas that are popular for travelers is one of the best ways to stay safe.

While Ybor City has become well-known for its nightlife and historical features, it's on the more dangerous side of Tampa.



Harbour Island is found within the channels of the Hillsborough River and offers beautiful views of the city.



When compared to the national average crime rate, Tampa's is fairly low. In fact, it's been determined to be safer than 20% of U.S. cities.



You're slightly more likely to become a victim of violent crime in Tampa than in NYC and less likely to see property crime in Tampa.

Is Tampa Safer Than NYC?

NYC’s crime rate is 24.83 crimes per 1,000, while Tampa’s is just over 21 per 1,000.

You’re slightly more likely to become a victim of violent crime in Tampa than in NYC and less likely to see property crime in Tampa.

Either way, both cities have safe and dangerous neighborhoods, and it’s possible to visit both and stay safe.



With Tampa's crime rate being around 21 out of 1,000, and Orlando's being around 44 per 1,000 residents, we can safely say that Tampa is safer than Orlando.

Is Tampa Safer Than Orlando?

With Tampa’s crime rate being around 21 out of 1,000, and Orlando’s being around 44 per 1,000 residents, we can safely say that Tampa is safer than Orlando.

Similar to Tampa, property crimes are more common in Orlando than violent crimes.



So if you're concerned about safety on your visit, it's best to visit Tampa over Miami.

Is Tampa Safer Than Miami?

Miami has a fairly high crime rate, although still lower than Orlando’s. But you may wonder is Tampa safer than Miami?

Miami’s crime rate is around 35 per 1,000 residents, which is much higher than the national average.

So if you’re concerned about safety on your visit, it’s best to visit Tampa over Miami.





Overall, Tampa is a safe city to visit with lots of activities for everyone, from families to solo travelers.



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