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If you’re visiting Siesta Key in Florida and looking for the best breakfast spots to start your day off right, look no further! 

As someone who travels to Florida a lot, I can say that the Gulf Coast offers an array of fantastic food and a vibrant culinary scene that will leave you satisfied. 

Among the many treats this paradise has to offer, breakfast holds a special place.

Whether you’re seeking a hearty start to the day or a late brunch enthusiast, Siesta Key boasts a range of restaurants that cater to everyone’s interests.  

In this post, we will share some of our top picks for breakfast restaurants on Siesta Key.  Let’s dive in! 



Photo credit – Sun Garden Cafe

award winning Elvi's fried chicken plate breakfast on Siesta Key

Photo credit – Village Cafe

delicious breakfast meal in village cafe with brocoli and poached eggs at the top

Photo credit – Another Broken Egg Cafe

Photo credit – The Toasted Mango Cafe

famous Toasted Mango Cafe waffle topped with sliced mangoes and whipped cream with a plate of strawberries and a cup of coffee on the side

Photo credit – First Watch Sarasota

First Watch signature strawberry pancake and muffins

Photo credit – Bonjour French Cafe

French pancake topped with strawberries and chocolate syrup

Photo credit – Blue Dolphin Cafe

Blue Dolphin Cafe breakfast plate filled with delicious omelet a toasted sandwich and few meat

Photo credit – Sunnyside Cafe

Sunnyside Cafe signature bacon burger and fries

Photo credit – The Breakfast House

The breakfast house French toasted sandwich with grilled potatoes on the side

Photo credit – Station 400

Station 400 meal set of macaroni salad, burger and fries, sandwich, and a caesar salad

Photo credit – Original Word of Mouth

Original Word of Mouth fluffy pancakes topped with sliced strawberries and grated cheese

Photo credit – Kurtos Chimney Cake & Bread

set of delicious Kurtos Chimney cakes with a side of lettuce

Photo credit – The Oasis Cafe & Bakery

plate presentation of The Oasis Cafe and bakery club sandwich and caesar salad

Photo credit – Drunken Poet Cafe

Authentic thai seafood homok inside a coconut fruit

Photo credit – C’est Lavie 

visitors at an outdoor seating in C'est Lavie restaurant Sarasota



Photo credit – Expedia

dining area at Kompose boutique hotel in Sarasota with breakfast choices of cupcakes, pancakes and more

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bed and breakfast hotel in Siesta Key, you might want to consider the Kompose Boutique Hotel. 

This tropical-inspired hotel offers modern and chic facilities for reasonable prices. 

Included in your stay is an exceptional breakfast and drinks of your choice including fresh juices and coffee. 

They also have an outdoor pool if you feel like swimming. 



Photo credit – Expedia

Homewood Suites Dining area

Combining the charm of a bed and breakfast with the amenities of a top-rated hotel nearby beachfront condos and attractions, Homewood Suites by Hilton is an excellent choice. 

Enjoy a daily American breakfast served with the best bacon, English muffins, fresh omelets, a selection of drinks and beverages, and more. 

You can also spend some time at the pool or chill out on the spacious patio. 



Photo credit – Expedia

Carlisle Inn dining area in Sarasota

Experience the best of both worlds – the warmth of luxury and traditional bed and breakfast in the heart of Siesta Key, Florida. 

This hotel offers an amazing breakfast buffet for your accommodation served with a variety of omelets, granola, sausage, and more. 

They also have delicious homemade pastries that you shouldn’t miss. 



sunset beach scene at Siesta Key Beach Florida

Does Siesta Key Have Food? 

Absolutely!  Siesta Key offers a wide range of dining options to satisfy every craving. 

From casual beachfront cafes to upscale restaurants, we can assure you Siesta Key has no shortage of delicious food. 


Is Food Allowed On Siesta Key Beach? 

Yes, food is allowed on Siesta Key Beach. 

Whether you’re planning a picnic with your family or just want to enjoy light snacks with the waves, Siesta Key Beach welcomes you to bring your own food to the beach. 

Just be mindful to bring all your trash with you because littering in Siesta Key Beach is definitely not allowed. 


Is Siesta Key Expensive? 

Siesta Key can be considered relatively expensive compared to other beach destinations in Florida. 

Based on the time of the year, accommodations and activities on Siesta Key can come with a higher price tag. 

Depending on your budget there is plenty of accommodation to choose from, whether you prefer a rental or an adults-only hotel, there is always something that suits you and your budget. 


What Kind Of Food Is Sarasota Most Known For? 

Sarasota is most known for its fresh seafood cuisine, particularly its Gulf-coast-inspired dishes featuring shrimp, grouper, and stone crab. 

They are also known for their delicious Key lime pie and fresh citrus fruits. 


Does Siesta Key Get Crowded? 

Yes, Siesta Key can get crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons and popular holidays.  

With so much to offer, from the amazing beaches and tons of activities, there’s no doubt why Siesta Key attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. 



Final Thoughts: Breakfast On Siesta Key 

There’s no doubt that Siesta Key, Florida is a haven for breakfast and brunch restaurants.  

From tropical-inspired flavors to international influences, these popular breakfast spots offer more than just a meal, they offer a memorable culinary journey. 

So, whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, make sure to indulge in the finest morning flavors. Siesta Key has the best places for breakfast Florida has to offer. 

Next time you visit Siesta Key, make a stop at these restaurants and for sure your taste buds will thank you! 



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