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Nestled at the southernmost tip of Florida, Key West is a great place with its sun-kissed shores and is an underwater explorer’s paradise. 

Apart from its many other activities, one of the best things to do in Key West is to embark on a journey through the charming streets of the city, not by foot, but by joining the best pub crawls in Key West!

This guide to iconic Key West pub crawls explores the best pub crawl routes, hidden gems, and insider tips, and is a great way to ensure you make the most of your Key West adventure.

I’m a frequent Florida traveler and I’ve picked the best experiences so all you have to do is choose the tour that’s right for you and enjoy! 

Out of 4 top-rated Key West Pub Crawls on our list, the Key West Craft Cocktail Crawl by Key West Food Tours is our best choice!

With an excellent 5-star rating and reviews from past guests, this tour will navigate you to Key West’s unique bar scene and enjoy great food tastings.

Let the Key West pub crawl begin!


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Our Top 2 Picks: Key West Pub Crawl Tours!

a lady bartender with craft cocktail tricks during a Key West pub crawl


Key West Craft Cocktail Crawl

group of visitors and tourists in Key West holding their drinks on a Haunted Pub Crawl and Ghost tour

Key West Haunted Pub Crawl And Ghost Tour

Best Key West Pub Crawl Tours!

group of visitors and tourists in Key West holding their drinks on a Haunted Pub Crawl and Ghost tour

Photo Credit- Key West Promotions

Tour Rating: 4.5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️     Length: 2 Hours      Check Rates Here

Key West was once known as ‘Bone Island’ and this spooky, eerie Key West pub crawl will tell you why!

This Bone Island haunted pub crawl goes through several pubs including a repurposed morgue and two (in)famously haunted mansions of Old Town Key West.

The local guide recounts known tales of haunted places with paranormal activities in the town!

Some of the most legendary bars in town are a part of this tour for a guaranteed good time.

These include Audubon House and Tropical Gardens, Capt. Tony’s Saloon, Tattoos and Scars Saloon, Curry Mansion Inn, The Artist House, and Hard Rock Cafe – the only haunted Hard Rock Cafe in the world! 

Here’s what a past guest said about this tour:

“He was so much fun! So informative and knowledgeable! I had a blast! I will definitely recommend this to all my friends. The best tour I have been on so far! I loved seeing all the sites and hearing all the spooky stories. He was funny witty and had a great personality!… My best friend and I are extremely happy that we went on this ghost tour because of our guide!”

Nancy_E ⭐

What’s included in this shuttle tour: 

  • Expert guide

  • Free T-shirt as a souvenir

  • Admission tickets



    group pf tourists wearing tropical outfits during a pub crawl in Key West

    Photo Credit- Key West Promotions

    Tour Rating: 4.5 Stars ⭐     Length: 2.5 Hours      Check Rates Here

    This Key West pub crawl is the perfect way to celebrate the town’s incredible party scene, especially on Sunday nights.

    This Duval Crawl is guided by a master of mixology who knows just the right spots in town for a guaranteed great time, easily making this one of the best pub crawls you will ever embark on!

    This guided walking tour starts downtown, goes through the historic seaport, and ends back at Duval Street.

    Covering some truly legendary bars like Rick’s Key West for a dose of comedy, Flying Monkeys, Durty Harry’s for live music, and Pickles Pub’s Sandbar and more.

    This guided walking tour also works well as one of the best private tours for small groups of people traveling together!

    Here’s what a past guest said about this tour:

    “Our guide, Sarah, was absolutely wonderful! She gave tidbits about the history of the establishments we visited and was just great overall. Highly recommend!”

    Cynthia_C ⭐

    ✅ What’s included in this shuttle tour:

    • Expert guide

    • Complimentary T-shirt

    • One free drink at each bar

    • Admission tickets



    a lady bartender with craft cocktail tricks during a Key West pub crawl

    Photo Credit- Key West Food Tours

    Tour Rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐     Length: 2 Hours      Check Rates Here

    The Craft Cocktail Key West pub crawl is a good place to start if you are looking for an offbeat adventure.

    This public tour is guided by an expert guide well-versed in the area and goes through six stops.

    From a boutique hotel that once served as a hospital and a historic mansion, this guided walking tour will surely give you an in-depth idea of the town’s history and culture through the craft of mixology with drinks like the Hemingway Daiquiri which originated in this very great place!

    The local gems on this tour’s itinerary include Key West’s craftiest bars like Mary Ellen’s Bar and Restaurant, The Saint Hotel Key West, First Flight Island Restaurant and Brewery, General Horseplay, Tiki House (one of the best tiki bars) and Garbo’s Grill at Hanks!

    Here’s what a past guest said about this tour:

    “Maxwell our guide was awesome! The cocktails choices were excellent and the food was fabulous! Was introduced to 6 spots we never knew about and now our new favs! Maxwell and all the bartenders were amazing! Thanks for the awesome experience! 🍹 🍸”

    Mechelle_G ⭐

    ✅ What’s included in this shuttle tour:

    • Five craft beverages

    • Two food tastings

    • Expert guide


     Book this Key West Craft Cocktail Crawl



    Duval Street in Key West during a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour

    Photo Credit- Ghost City Tours of Key West

    Tour Rating: 4.5 Stars ⭐     Length: 2 Hours      Check Rates Here

    This Bone Island haunted crawl is one of the best pub crawls that takes you through the haunted places of Key West, but a little differently.

    The stories you hear on this public tour will definitely make you rethink everything you have known about this slice of paradise.

    From the one infamous case of necrophilia to the demonic dolls of the island, there sure is something spooky and mysterious hanging in the corners of this town, waiting for you to uncover for a truly spine-tingling adventure!

    The pubs and other established covered on this tour include Shots and Giggles, Fat Tuesday, Wine-O Bar and Lounge, and Capt Tony’s Saloon.

    Here’s what a past guest said about this tour:

    “Great Tour! Lots of history in a short period of time. Walking around town and seeing the landmarks but also feeling the history come alive. Our guide was the best, great sense of humor🤪 Beware of Franks definitely Demons are around!”


    ✅ What’s included in this tour:

    • Experienced tour guide



      beautiful beach view with palm trees in Key West Beach in Florida

      Key West Pub Crawls – Frequently Asked Questions

      How Many Bars Are In The Duval Crawl?

      Duval Street is one of the best places in the world because of its incredible nightlife.

      Key West locals often love to go up and down the street sampling cocktails, beers, and other drinks from different bars.

      Over the years, this activity has come to be known as the “Duval Crawl”, the ultimate Key West tradition.

      This downtown street is 1.25 miles long and has 43 bars and pubs included in the iconic Duval Crawl.

      There are quite a few more restaurants serving alcohol as well but those usually do not make it to the list.

      What Is The Difference Between A Pub Crawl And A Bar Hop?

      A pub crawl refers to a group of people going from one bar or pub to the other in a single night, with the purpose of socializing and finding new establishments they might not have been to before.

      On the other hand, bar hop is more casual and spontaneous, and does not necessarily have a set route planned.

      There is no predetermined beginning or end point and participants are free to stay at one place however long they wish.

      What Are The Party Streets In Key West?

      If you are visiting Key West and looking to get your hair down and part in the town’s famous nightlife, the one place you must visit is Duval Street.

      Stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, this historical street is known for its party scene with over forty bars and various crawls and hops to sign up for!

      Some of the most legendary bars here include the Green Parrot Bar, Schooner Wharf Bar, and Hogfish Bar.



      exploring the best pub crawl tours in Key West

      Final Thoughts: Key West Pub Crawls

      As you can see, Key West has a thriving nightlife scene that sees visitors from around Florida.

      This city comes alive with a unique energy as the sun dips below the horizon.

      Key West pub crawls are your passport to experiencing the essence of the island’s nightlife, making fun stops, and tasting tropical concoctions while immersing yourself in the island’s rich history.

      So, grab a Hemingway Daiquiri (or two), put on your walking shoes, and get ready to delve into the island’s colorful past, from haunted places and literary legends’ haunts!


      Still Haven’t Decided? I Recommend The Key West Craft Cocktail Crawl with a 5⭐️rating



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