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Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a paradise for snorkeling, with crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life.

In this post, we will look at some of the best underwater spots and tours for snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale!

Snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to enjoy the warm waters and beautiful coral reefs. The city has many snorkeling spots that are perfect for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike.

There are also several tours available that will take you to some of the best snorkeling spots in the area.

If you are new to snorkeling, then you should definitely consider taking a snorkeling tour. These tours will provide you with all of the equipment you need, as well as instruction on how to use it.

This is a great way to learn about snorkeling and see some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world.


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Snorkeling Fort Lauderdale, Florida



1. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea snorkeling offers visitors the chance to see a variety of fish and other marine life up close. 

This small city is just north of Fort Lauderdale and is known as Florida’s beach diving capital because of its wide variety of fish and coral species. 

With more than 500 species of fish, Angelfish, nurse sharks, sea turtles, and many other types of marine life to see, snorkeling in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a must for any nature lover!

Just 400 feet from shore, these crystal clear waters provide a perfect view of the vibrant coral reef and its colorful inhabitants.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced scuba diver, there’s something for everyone to see in these beautiful waters.

The waters of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea make for an amazing underwater experience.



2. Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

 This state park is located just north of Fort Lauderdale and is known for its calm waters and beautiful coral reef.

Photo Credit: Visit Florida 

This state park is located just north of Fort Lauderdale and is known for its calm waters and beautiful coral reef.

There are many different kinds of fish that can be seen here, making it a great spot for both beginner and experienced snorkelers.

Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park offers 2 miles of beach to explore and there is a reef system roughly 300 yards offshore.

There are 2 more reef systems that are further out, one being about a half-mile out and the other, 2 miles from shore.

This park is the perfect spot for anyone who loves snorkeling and wants to see an array of tropical fish, small sharks, lobster, and more.

Since this is a state park, there is an entrance fee, but there are lots of other amenities.

Scuba diving is also said to be good just south of the Dania Beach Pier.



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3. Hollywood Beach

The Tennecco Towers are a popular spot to dive at Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach is located just south of Fort Lauderdale and is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches.

The waters here are usually very clear, making it a great spot for snorkeling.

In fact, this area has some of the best snorkeling in Florida. With many species of fish, sea turtles, nurse sharks, and more, you’re sure to see something amazing!

Not only is the snorkeling great here but there are also 20 artificial reef and natural reef sites waiting to be explored.  You’ll never get bored with all the different things to see!

Hollywood North Beach Park has two to four-foot ledges less than a couple of hundred yards from the shore, that are teeming with marine life.



4. Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach is known as one of the best places in the Fort Lauderdale area to go snorkeling.

Photo Credit: Fort Lauderdale Stays

Pompano Beach is known as one of the best places in the Fort Lauderdale area to go snorkeling.

With 18 wrecks off the shore and artificial reefs, you’re sure to find something interesting to see.

If you want to explore some different areas, there are plenty of good scuba diving spots within swimming distance. 

There are reefs worth exploring just a quarter-mile offshore, including Suzanne’s Ledge.

But if you really want to get out there, take a boat ride and check out some of the other amazing dive sites in the area.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous dive, check out the sunken Lady Luck and Okinawa, which are both just a mile from the fishing pier – perfect for a scuba diving adventure!


This is a map of the diving spots and wrecks in Pompano Beach.  Map credit:

For locations of wrecks and diving spots in Pompano Beach, refer to the map above.

Credit: Pompano Beach Florida Gov



5. S. S. Copenhagen

The SS Copenhagen is a shallow shipwreck and popular for snorkeling

Photo Credit: Lauderdale by the Sea

The S.S. Copenhagen is a snorkeling paradise just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

This shipwreck is home to a vibrant marine ecosystem, making it the perfect place to explore the underwater world.

The clear waters and ample fish make snorkeling at the SS Copenhagen an enjoyable experience for all levels of snorkelers.

If you’re looking for an adventure, snorkeling at the SS Copenhagen is a great way to spend a day.

This sunken ship is teeming with sea life, and you’re sure to see plenty of colorful fish and other marine creatures.

Even if you’re not an experienced snorkeler, the easy-to-follow snorkeling trail makes exploring this shipwreck a breeze.

So grab your snorkel and dive into the world of the SS Copenhagen!



One last note before you decide to book a snorkeling tour in Fort Lauderdale- this is a physical activity so make sure you’re at least moderately fit and are comfortable with your swimming ability to be able to do this. 

Also, keep in mind the weather, conditions of the water, and visibility. 

This is why booking a guided tour is a better option for some since these professional companies understand the water conditions and area, and follow appropriate safety protocols. 

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Final Thoughts:

Snorkeling In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As you can see, snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale is a great activity for those who enjoy the water and want to explore the underwater world.

The snorkeling here is fantastic, with plenty of coral reefs and fish to see.  The best time to snorkel is during the summer months when the water is warm and clear.

There are several snorkeling spots in Fort Lauderdale, so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, you’ll find that snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale is an unforgettable experience.

For beaches in Florida with the clearest waters that are also great for snorkeling, check out this post!



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