Sarasota vs Naples: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Naples Warmer Than Sarasota?

No, Naples is not warmer than Sarasota.

Though both cities have a subtropical climate, Sarasota has hot and humid summers ranging between 80 to mid-90s.

On the other hand, the average summer temperature in Naples is mid-70s to 80.


2. How Far Apart Are Naples And Sarasota?

Naples and Sarasota are 94 miles away from each other.

3. Is Sarasota Or Naples More Expensive?

Of the two, Naples is definitely more expensive than Sarasota.

Naples is known more for its high-end luxury beach resorts, while Sarasota has accommodations of all types.

Dining is more or less the same in both places.

At the same time, however, Naples has way more free activities to offer than Sarasota does.