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Are you planning a trip to the south and are wondering if Jacksonville, Florida safe?

Safety is a big consideration for a trip, so it’s a good question!

Located on the northern coast of Florida, Jacksonville is the largest city in the state and sees over 20 million visitors per year.

From locals to travelers, it can be tough to understand whether a large city will be safe.

Compared to other major cities, Jacksonville does have a fairly high crime rate. But that doesn’t automatically turn it into an unsafe city.

From traveling with kids to by yourself, you’ll want to know the safest places to go, where to avoid, and some tips for keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

In this post, I’ll cover some of the top considerations for your trip to Jacksonville, so you can visit with confidence. 



Because of nicknames that Jacksonville has been given, such as 'Florida's Murder Capital' and the high crime rate, many visitors have dubbed it as unsafe.



Is Jacksonville Safe For Families?

When you’re traveling with kids, one of your top priorities is likely safety.

Because you always want to keep the little ones safe, it’s good to know whether or not Jacksonville is safe.

Overall, the city of Jacksonville is safe for families, and is a perfect place and great spot to bring your kids on a vacation!

Jacksonville is a large tourist spot in Florida and offers a lot to visitors from endless beaches to amusement parks and fun activities. 

Although it has a higher crime rate, when you’re going for family-friendly activities, you’ll be far away from the riskier areas of the city.

This makes it much easier to keep your kids safe.

And of course, it’s best to avoid walking around at night when you have little ones because after the sun goes down, any large city becomes more dangerous. 



Is It Safe For Solo Travelers?

Traveling alone always comes with the risk of being more vulnerable to unsafe situations, but that doesn’t make it completely unsafe to travel somewhere.

With Jacksonville’s high crime rate, it is recommended that you travel with someone, rather than alone, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.

Because it’s a popular tourist destination, there are many places that you can visit without having to worry about crime.

And during the day, traveling solo is much easier than at night!

So if you’re traveling solo and are wondering if Jacksonville is safe for you, then be sure to follow a few safety precautions:

Avoid walking alone after dark, and only use trusted rideshare companies, such as Lyft or Uber.

Also avoid letting any strangers know that you’re traveling alone, as this can put you in a vulnerable position.

And always listen to your gut, because it’s usually right!



So while it's tough to say that Jacksonville is safe at night, you can keep yourself safe by doing a few things.



There are a few neighborhoods of Jacksonville that are particularly known for their crime, so avoiding them is best.



When visiting a city, it's best to stay in the safest neighborhoods. One of it is the Jacksonville Beach.



Compared to other cities in Florida, Jacksonville does have a fairly high crime rate, with about 34 in every 1,000 residents becoming a victim of crime.



Yes, there are many beaches, such as Jacksonville Beach, that are open to the public and safe to swim at during your visit to the city.

Is It Safe To Swim In Jacksonville?

Yes, there are many beaches, such as Jacksonville Beach, that are open to the public and safe to swim at during your visit to the city.

Of course, there are always risks that come with swimming anywhere, but especially in the ocean, so understand them before you go!

A few risks include shark attacks (although they’re rare, they do happen!), jellyfish, stingrays, and other marine life, as well as rip currents and drowning.

There are also alligators in Jacksonville, but they tend to be in rivers and swamps, so if you’re out in the ocean or in a populated area, you likely won’t see one.









Jacksonville has a lot to offer, but safety is a top consideration for travel!



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