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For many, flying can be a scary thing.  Being 35,000 feet up in the air in a bumpy plane can be an intimidating and humbling experience for a lot of people.

For others, it’s the claustrophobic feeling or lack of control that makes them feel uncomfortable when flying.

In this post, we’ll look at how to overcome your fear of flying and different tactics you may want to try on your next flight!




Is Fear Of Flying Common?

How To Overcome Fear Of Flying- 10 Trips To Try!



Flying is the safest means of travel

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The Soar Program offers many plans to help you get over your fear of flying



Full disclosure: I’ve never taken this course but it has a lot of good reviews and I’ve heard positive things about it.


Don’t think you need the whole course?  Check out the book here.




Here are a couple more books to try.




Conclusion: How To Overcome Fear Of Flying


As you can see, there are many things you can do to not only cope with your fear of flying, but also give you the tools to overcome your fear altogether!  


Also, I will say, if you are still fearful of flying, don’t let it stop you from getting on the plane.  Every time I fly, I’m happy that I did and every time gets a little bit easier. 


Let me know if there are any tips that I missed in the comments.


Safe travels! 


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  1. Paige J. Watts

    Great tips! I always feel much calmer and more comfortable flying when I fly with friends or family than by myself.

  2. Kevin Foodie

    I think everyone at some time in their life has some degree of fear for flying. You shared some really great tips. Drinking alcohol right before you board a flight helps alot to ease the fear.

  3. Teala

    Very informative


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