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Located along Florida’s Atlantic coast, Daytona Beach is famed for its expansive shoreline and dynamic atmosphere. 

The beach offers 23 miles of white sand, attracting visitors with its unique combination of natural beauty and vibrant culture. 

From exciting watersports to a relaxed time on the beach, Daytona Beach caters to all ages and interests.

The waves and favorable weather make it an ideal spot for surfing, parasailing, and jet skiing. 

Families and solo travelers find plenty to explore, from beachside parks to oceanfront dining options. 

Whether it’s catching a motorsports event or exploring nearby state parks, Daytona Beach provides a well-rounded vacation experience! 

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Location And Access

Daytona Beach is situated on the eastern coast of Florida, within Volusia County.

The city is approximately 51 miles northeast of Orlando and about 86 miles southeast of Jacksonville.

Visitors can access Daytona Beach via Interstate 95 and Interstate 4.

The Daytona Beach International Airport serves the area, providing convenient flight options. 

You’re also just an hour from the Orlando Airport when in the area. 

Public transportation, including buses and trolleys, also enhances accessibility.

The beach is easily navigable by car, bicycle, or on foot, making it an ideal destination for visitors.

Street parking and public parking lots are available, ensuring easy access to the beach and nearby attractions.

Beach Features And Landscape

The beach stretches over 23 miles, featuring hard-packed sand perfect for activities such as walking, jogging, and cycling. 

The sand’s unique texture allows cars to drive on certain sections of the beach, a rarity among U.S. beaches.

Daytona Beach also boasts numerous piers and beachfront parks.

Visitors can enjoy amenities like picnic areas, restrooms, and playgrounds. 

The natural dunes enhance the scenic beauty, offering a blend of relaxation and recreation opportunities.



man surfing on the waves in Dayton Beach Florida

Activities And Attractions

Daytona Beach offers a variety of activities for visitors, from adventurous water sports to engaging cultural experiences.

Discover the best of what this beachfront destination has to offer.

Water Sports And Recreational Activities

Daytona Beach is renowned for its wide array of water sports. Visitors can enjoy surfing with perfect waves almost year-round.

Rentals and lessons are available for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Jet skiing offers an exhilarating way to explore the coastal waters. Experienced guides are available for tours.

Kayaking and paddleboarding provide a more relaxed way to enjoy the sea, with equipment rentals easy to find near the shore.

For those who prefer underwater exploration, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities abound, with several companies offering tours and equipment.

Other Family-Friendly Beaches In & Near Daytona Beach

The best family-friendly beaches include Sun Splash Park and Frank Rendon Park.

These parks have amenities such as picnic areas, playgrounds, and restrooms.

Other nearby beaches include Andy Romano Beachfront Park in Ormond Beach and Smyrna Dunes Beach, 20 minutes south in New Smyrna Beach. 

Landmarks And Cultural Hotspots

Numerous landmarks surround Daytona Beach.

The Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, Florida’s tallest lighthouse, offers great views and a historical perspective.

Visitors can climb to the top and explore the museum.

The Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art showcases an impressive collection of Florida art.

For a family-friendly destination, the Daytona Lagoon Waterpark and entertainment center features water slides, go-karts, and arcade games. 

Additionally, the Daytona Beach Bandshell hosts live music and events, adding to the fun scene. 

Explore the nature and wildlife of Daytona Beach with this guided tour 👉 Dolphin and Manatee Kayak Tour of Daytona Beach!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Daytona Beach offers a variety of family-friendly beaches, scenic areas, and specific hours of operation to accommodate visitors.

What Are The Most Appealing Sections Of Daytona Beach For Visitors?

Visitors often enjoy the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier.

It offers an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

The Daytona Beach Shores area is also highly favored for its cleanliness and serenity.

What Are The Hours Of Operation For Daytona Beach’s Beaches?

Daytona Beach’s beaches are generally open from sunrise to sunset.

Some specific areas, like the boardwalk, may have extended hours to accommodate evening activities and events.



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