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When it comes to finding a slice of paradise in Naples, FL, the beaches are among the best attractions the city has to offer. 

Vanderbilt Beach, with its white sand and crystal-clear waters, stands out as a top choice for both locals and tourists. 

Located near upscale hotels and restaurants, it provides an ideal mix of tranquility and convenience.

Clam Pass Park offers another stunning option for beachgoers, featuring a scenic boardwalk and a peaceful beach ideal for family outings. 

For those seeking a quieter experience, Lowdermilk Park, with its surroundings and greenery, provides a perfect escape from busier beaches.

These beaches not only offer beautiful landscapes but also a variety of amenities to enhance your visit.

Swim, lay in the sun, or engage in water sports – Naples’s beaches are perfect for a beach getaway. 

a nipa hut in the beach shore of Naples Beach in Florida

Top Beaches In Naples, FL

Naples, Florida boasts several beautiful beaches that attract visitors year-round.

Each offers unique features, catering to various preferences and activities.

Vanderbilt Beach

Located near upscale hotels and fine dining, this beach is perfect for those seeking a blend of relaxation and luxury.

The wide, sandy shoreline is great for laying out in the sun, swimming, and water sports.

Clam Pass Beach Park

Known for its scenic boardwalk, Clam Pass Beach Park provides a tranquil setting.

The lush mangrove forest and calm waters make it a favorite for families and nature lovers.  Here, you can also enjoy guided nature walks. 

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Just north of Vanderbilt Beach, this protected area offers pristine natural beauty with opportunities for bird-watching, fishing, and picnicking.

It’s an ideal spot for those who appreciate a more untouched environment.

Lowdermilk Park

Equipped with volleyball courts, a playground, and picnic areas, Lowdermilk Park is perfect for a day out with the family.

Its convenient facilities and beautiful views make it a popular choice.

Naples Pier

A historic landmark, Naples Pier is a great spot for fishing and dolphin watching.

The adjacent beach area is also excellent for swimming and relaxing on the sand, with stunning sunset views.

Barefoot Beach Preserve

This beach offers a quieter experience with a focus on preserving local wildlife.

Its soft sands and clear waters make it a peaceful retreat for visitors.

Each beach in Naples has something special to offer, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

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boat in the waters of Naples Bay in Florida

Recreational Activities In Naples Beaches

Visitors to Naples beaches will find a variety of recreational activities, from fun water sports to scenic walking trails and well-maintained beachside parks.

Water Sports

The beaches of Naples offer numerous water sports activities.

Kayaking in the calm waters allows for close-up views of local wildlife. Jet skiing is popular, with rentals readily available. 

Paddleboarding has grown in popularity, providing both a workout and the chance to balance peacefully on the Gulf waters.

For those seeking underwater adventures, snorkeling and scuba diving are available, highlighting vibrant marine life.

The conditions are often favorable, with clear visibility and moderate currents.

Organized tours and lessons cater to beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Fishing charters are frequent, letting anglers try deep-sea, inshore, or fly fishing.

Regularly scheduled dolphin tours are sure to please families and nature lovers.

Beachside Parks

Naples hosts several beachside parks offering diverse recreational options. 

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park provides fishing, snorkeling, and picnic facilities.

Visitors can enjoy kayaking and guided nature walks at Clam Pass Park. 

Lowdermilk Park comes equipped with volleyball courts, a playground, and a gazebo, making it a popular spot for family gatherings.

Barefoot Beach Preserve affords a more secluded experience with nature trails and guided walks by park rangers.

Restrooms and concession stands ensure a comfortable visit. Many parks also host educational programs and events for all ages to enjoy.

Walking And Jogging Trails

For those preferring land-based activities, Naples beaches feature many walking and jogging trails. 

Naples Pier offers a picturesque stroll over the water, ideal for morning or evening walks.

The Gordon River Greenway provides a scenic route through mangroves and marshes, perfect for spotting wildlife.

These trails are typically well-maintained and suitable for various levels of fitness.

Whether looking for a vigorous run or a leisurely walk, these trails offer something for every outdoor lover. 

Many trails also connect to nearby parks, enhancing the recreational experience.

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walkway to the beach in Naples Florida boardwalk

Naples Florida Beaches Accessibility

Naples, FL, offers a range of accessible beach options with convenient parking, ample amenities, and family-friendly facilities.

Visitors will find their needs well met for a pleasant beach experience.

Parking And Transport

Finding a place to park is often a concern for beachgoers, but Naples provides several parking options.

Many beaches offer designated parking spaces close to the shoreline, specifically for handicapped access. 

Lowdermilk Park and Vanderbilt Beach are well-known for their ample parking lots.

Public transportation is also available, with Collier Area Transit (CAT) buses serving routes near major beaches.

For those arriving by bike, bike racks are conveniently located near the beach entrance.

Beach Amenities

Amenities at Naples beaches are designed with accessibility in mind.

Some beaches have hard-packed pathways that allow wheelchairs and strollers to navigate easily.

Most beaches also offer detailed accessibility information on their websites, making it easier for visitors to plan their trip.

Family-Friendly Facilities

Families visiting Naples beaches will find various amenities that cater to visitors of all ages and abilities.

Many beaches have playgrounds and picnic areas that are wheelchair accessible, with rubberized flooring for safety.

Naples Pier, a popular family destination, offers wide walkways, ensuring easy access for strollers and wheelchairs.

Designated swimming areas with lifeguards are present at several beaches, enhancing safety for children and those needing assistance.

Some locations also provide ramped access directly into the water, making it easier for everyone to get close to the water. 

Beachside cafes and snack bars often feature accessible seating and family-friendly menus.

Shade structures, like cabanas and umbrellas, can be rented, providing protection from the sun.

The availability of such facilities ensures that every family member can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive beach outing.

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Naples Coastline, Florida Aerial View

Frequently Asked Questions

Naples, Florida, offers a variety of beaches catering to different preferences, from popular spots to quieter, family-friendly locations.

What Are The Top-Rated Beaches To Visit In Naples, Florida?

Vanderbilt Beach is known for its pristine sands and clear waters, making it a favorite among visitors.

Clam Pass Park offers a unique experience with its scenic boardwalk leading to the beach.

Lowdermilk Park features extensive facilities, including picnic areas and volleyball courts.

Are There Any Beaches In Naples, FL With Fewer Crowds?

Barefoot Beach Preserve provides a more secluded experience, ideal for those seeking tranquility.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is another option where visitors can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in a natural setting.

Keewaydin Island is accessible only by boat, ensuring fewer visitors and a private beach feel.

Can You Recommend Family-Friendly Beaches In Naples, Florida?

Lowdermilk Park stands out with its playgrounds, picnic spots, and calm waters, making it perfect for families.

Naples Pier Beach offers gentle waves and fishing opportunities, suitable for children and adults alike.

Clam Pass Park also caters to families, with its nature trails and convenient amenities.



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