Is Pensacola Florida Safe?

Crime Rate Risk: Medium ⚠️

Two largest types of crimes in Pensacola are property crimes and violent crimes.

Sun & Ocean Safety Risk: Medium ⚠️

Pensacola Florida is definitely safe for families and solo travelers!

⚠️ Dangerous Areas: Montclair, Ensley, West Fairfield, Wedgewood, and Brentwood Park.

➕ Safest Areas:

– Pensacola Station – Brent – Ferry Pass North – Mallory Heights – Treasure Hill Park – Paradise Beach / Perdido Heights – Gulf Beach Heights

Overall Crime Rate

Violent crime rate is 334 (with a 1 in 161 chance of becoming a victim) . Property crime rate is 1,823 (with a 1 in 36 chance of becoming a victim).

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