Is Miami Florida Safe In 2024?

Although Miami is known for its high level of violent crimes, it is also a tourism hot spot.

The most common crimes tourists may encounter includes petty theft such as pickpocketing, purse-snatching, and property rental scams.

Riskiest Areas In Miami

πŸ“Œ Model City πŸ“Œ Little Havana πŸ“Œ Little Haiti πŸ“Œ Dowtown

Safest Areas In Miami

πŸ“Œ Coconut grove πŸ“Œ Fisher Island πŸ“Œ Coral Gables πŸ“Œ Key Biscayne

Overall Miami Crime Rate

Miami’s crime rate is 88% higher than other communities in Florida.

Safety Tip! πŸ’‘

it is important to implement safety precautions and be smart and responsible. Stay alert and avoid walking around at night by yourself.

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