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Southwest Airlines is known for its cheap flights and airline rewards but is it a good airline for travel?  (Yes it’s a good airline!) In this post, we’ll list 15 things you should know about Southwest Airlines- the Pros and Cons.
I love going on trips and Southwest is a popular choice when flying.  As I mentioned, they have cheap flights and one of the best flight rewards programs.
When I’m flying somewhere in the U.S., Southwest is often my first choice since I can use my Southwest points and fly for free (there are a couple of small fees that you do have to pay).
But there are a few drawbacks and things that you should know.  As I’ll mention in the Cons section, I often have to take connecting flights when traveling to Florida from Minnesota because there aren’t very many direct flights.
This can become a little nerve-racking since Southwest is known for having flight delays, so you have to worry about catching your connecting flight.

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Here are 15 Things to know about Southwest Airlines:


Is Southwest A Good Airline?




Southwest is a good airline to travel Photo Credit: Canva

 Pros Of Southwest Airlines



For more info on Southwest Airlines Companion Pass see the FAQ section below. 


Is Southwest A Good Airline? Cons



Southwest is a good airline for travel!

What Is The Southwest Companion Pass?

The Companion Pass is a program where each traveler can qualify to have a companion travel with them, for free, on flights.
The companion can fly with you for free on any date, any route, and an unlimited amount of times.
This doesn’t matter if the flight is booked with points or paid.

How Do You Qualify For Companion Pass

Every traveler has the opportunity to earn qualifying points and once they hit 135,000 qualifying points or take 100 one-way flights in a calendar year, they can have a companion travel with them for free.
The easiest way to earn these qualifying points is to get a personal credit card and a business card with reward bonus points.
You also earn qualifying points by taking flights and spending on your credit card.
100 one-way flights in a calendar year is the harder option to achieve companion pass status but if you take 25 round-trip flights a year with connections, then you hit the target.
Need to change the person on your companion pass?  Once you pick your companion, you can change up to 3 times a year.

How Long Is Companion Pass Good For?

Once you have the companion pass, it is good for the remainder of the year that you qualify and the entire next year. 
So if you get the companion pass in June, it’s good for the remainder of that year, and then the next full calendar year.
So, to get the most benefit,  it’s good to get the companion pass as early in the year as possible.
For more information on the companion pass and hacks to use, check out this article by 10X Travel. 
And for more information on Southwest Credit Cards in general, go here.


Final Thoughts: Is Southwest A Good Airline?

Although there are a few disadvantages, Southwest Airlines is a great option for cheap flights and traveling, overall.  They are also one of the safest airlines in the United States!
For more tips on saving money while traveling, check out these tips for traveling cheap!
Safe travels!

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  1. Priscilla

    I would like to know if connecting flights require passengers to pick up their luggage and transfer them to the next flight and recheck in, or does your luggage go straight through to your destination?

    • waynekask

      Priscilla, Southwest will transfer your luggage to your final destination!

    • Anonymous

      Straight to your destination with no hassle. I always enjoy the great customer service when I fly with Southwest Airlines.

  2. Kathy

    Southwest is kind of a hidden gem. They don’t list their flights on the aggregators (kayak, expedia, etc,…) so lots of times people don’t know to look on the Southwest site directly! I love that they include checked bags, and for us skiers, that includes a ski bag and boot bag which is a WIN! So good that you posted about the pros and cons for others to enjoy!!!

  3. Lindsay P

    I love Southwest and I think this is a very interesting list of pros and cons about the airline.

  4. Paige J. Watts

    It certainly sounds like Southwest is a good option for short budget flights within the states!



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