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Is Avianca a good airline?  Avianca Airlines is one of the leading low-budget Latin American carriers, based out of Colombia. 

The airline provides excellent rates for domestic and international flights from the United States to over 70 different destinations around the world. 

However, plenty of people still have reservations about booking budget airlines, especially when it comes to flying internationally.

My first flight with Avianca was in October of 2022 while traveling to El Salvador.  But I’ve been traveling extensively since 2016 so I know a great deal about the airlines, including the pros and cons.

Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons so you can answer the question “Is Avianca a good airline?” before booking your next flight!

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    Flying on an Avianca plane from Nicaragua to El Salvador 

    Avianca is a good option for international travel

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    What Kind Of Airline Is Avianca?

    Avianca is an airline that caters to all kinds of travelers.

    For those looking for a full-service experience, they offer an array of first-class offerings from lay-flat seats with seat controls to a generous rewards and loyalty program.

    On the other end of the spectrum, they primarily operate as a low-cost carrier.

    As one of the few airlines offering international low-cost flight options, it could be argued that they are changing the game for traveling internationally on a budget.

    Avianca is one of the world’s oldest airlines – founded over 100 years ago as of 2023 – and continues to grow.

    Each year, they expand their domestic and international routes map and fleet to offer customers even more.

    Barely anyone on my Avianca flight! 

    Heading from Nicaragua to El Salvador on an Avianca flight

    Is Avianca A Good Airline FAQ’s


    Is Avianca A Safe Airline?

    Yes, Aviance is known as a safe airline with a 3-star alliance and good overall safety standards and ratings.

    They have recognition within the aviation industry as a trusted service provider for air travel requirements throughout the territories they fly.

    Is Avianca Owned By United?

    United partners with Avianca, and even assisted with their bankruptcy claims in the past.

    However, due to United’s contract with its employees, the company is unable to hold majority ownership of another airline carrier.

    Is Avianca A Full-Service Airline?

    Avianca historically was a full-service carrier.  Some of their fleet and flight options still operate as a full-service carrier.

    However, the majority of their domestic and short-haul and domestic flights are moving towards a low-cost carrier model.

    Is Avianca A Star Alliance Airline?

    Yes, Avianca Airlines holds a high reputation as a 3-Star member of the Star Alliance Airline.



    Final Thoughts: Is Avianca A Good Airline?

    All in all, is Avianca a good airline?  Well, we can’t say it’s bad, and it’s definitely not the worst airline available. 

    This is especially true if you’re looking for cheap international flights!

    Avianca does have some qualities worth noting.  Their fare class options and rewards program allows you to make the low-cost carrier a more comfortable experience.

    However, poor customer service and lack of basic luxuries during long-haul flights may deter you from wanting to risk the low cost.
    According to World Airline Awards, Avianca is ranked 5th for the best South American Airlines in 2023.

    Overall, for me, other than a few minor issues, Avianca turned out to be a good choice for international travel.  

    So, will you be flying Avianca for your next flight? The right choice is really up to you!

    Safe travels!



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