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There are a lot of really great places to visit in Florida, but Crab Island, off the coast of Destin near Destin Harbor and Choctawhatchee Bay, is one of the most popular and beautiful places for visitors and locals alike!

It can be easily seen from the Destin Bridge, as there are always many visitors out enjoying the sun and water.

This popular destination was once an actual island, but over the years, sand from the Gulf of Mexico has turned it into a sandbar.

Today, visitors enjoy cruising out to the underwater sandbar and wading in the emerald-green waters, playing with water toys, or eating snacks from a variety of floating food vendors.

The water is very shallow, so it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends during a Florida vacation or day off!


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Crab Island Tours- 5 Best In 2024!

Photo Credit- Cruisin’ Tikis Destin

Hop aboard this unique floating tiki bar boat as you venture out to the sandbar known as Crab Island, located near Destin Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

This tour is rated 5 Stars on Viator with over 430 reviews!


Tour length- Approximately 3 Hours

Hop aboard this unique floating tiki bar boat as you venture out to the sandbar known as Crab Island, located near Destin Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

Those on other tours will surely wish they were on this one, because of the uniqueness that it holds. In fact, you’ll likely be on one of the most photographed boats in the harbor, as people love seeing these floating tiki bars!

Your captain will drive the boat out to the sandbar and let down the ladder for you to climb out and enjoy swimming around the shallow emerald-green waters.

While you’re out in the water, enjoy checking out the variety of floating food vendors and restaurants that are occasionally found on the island.

You can also bring along your own drinks or snacks and store them in the provided cooler to enjoy as you spend about half a day on Crab Island.


What’s Included in This Tour:

  • Bottled water
  • Cooler and ice to store drinks
  • Half-day on Crab Island
  • Unique experience on a tiki boat

What a former guest said about the experience:

We had the Best time thanks to our Captain Keith!!  He is awesome!!  He gave us some history as we headed over to crab island & got to see a bunch of dolphins.  He made our time fun he assisted w anything we needed, made us laugh & even caught a crab 🦀 to show us!!  We will be back!! Best time Ever.  Thank You




Photo Credit- Beach Vacation Destin

This tour is rated 5 Stars on Viator with over 20 reviews!


Tour length- Approximately 4 hours


This tour takes you out to the popular Crab Island sandbar for a half-day of swimming, playing, and enjoying life in the Florida sun.

You’ll take a charter boat, driven by your knowledgeable captain, with a group of people out to the island.  There are up to 6 people allowed on this tour. 

Enjoy the drive time out to the island, and keep an eye out for marine life!

You cannot purchase food or drinks on this tour, so be sure to bring your own to enjoy.

Once you’ve arrived, you can hang out on the boat and just enjoy the day, or you can hop off and wander around the sandbar in search of a delicious food vendor or a place to take a dip.

There’s also a double-decker slide on the pontoon, lily pads, goggles, and an inflatable paddleboard for your group to enjoy. 

This family-friendly tour is a great way to see one of the best places in Florida and makes for one memorable experience.


What’s Included in This Tour:

  • Water toys
  • Ride on a captain-driven charter boat with a Master Licensed Boat Captain
  • Spend time at Crab Island


Here is what a past guest had to say about the tour:

Beautiful weather on this fun boat.  Plenty to do at crab island because of all the little extras this boat has.  Anthony was a wonderful captain.  Would book again.  Loved the little tour we got.




Photo Credit- Screaming Eagle Sports

This Crab Island tour is different from the rest, as you’ll take a small speedboat out into the Florida waters in search of some of the native dolphins.

This company is rated 4.5 Stars on Viator with over 250 reviews!


Tour length- Approximately 45 minutes


This Crab Island tour is different from the rest, as you’ll take a small speedboat out into the Florida waters in search of some of the native dolphins.

The dedicated crew members are there to provide you with a great experience and will help find the best places to view these magical creatures.

While you’re on board, you may even spot more wildlife such as stingrays, turtles, or other marine life.

The cruise will take you through Destin Harbor and into the sparkling gulf waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where you’ll get to admire the beautiful views of the coastline and ocean around you.

In just about an hour, you’ll have cruised around Crab Island, spotted wildlife in their natural habitat, and enjoyed a more personal experience from the crew.


What’s Included in This Tour:

  • About 1-hour speedboat tour
  • Dolphin watching
  • Helpful crew to spot wildlife
  • Cruise around Crab Island


What a past guest has to say about the Speedboat dolphin adventure:


Captain Logan and the co-captain were great!  We saw many dolphins and a sea turtle!  It was an enjoyable ride that included speed, viewing sea creatures, and good company! 




Photo Credit- Destiny Water Adventures

If you’ve got a large group that you’re planning to visit Crab Island with, then renting your own private self-captained pontoon is the way to go!

This company is rated 5 Stars on Viator with over 45 reviews!


Tour length- Approximately 4-8 Hours


If you’ve got a large group that you’re planning to visit Crab Island with, then renting your own private self-captained pontoon is the way to go!

You can cruise at your own pace over to Crab Island with up to 10 people onboard. Watch out for bottlenose dolphins as you make your way out to the sandbar, as they’re often spotted offshore.

There is a small cooler provided onboard to store all of your favorite beverages and snacks to enjoy once you’ve arrived.

Spend as much or as little time as you want exploring the island, as you can anchor the boat and do as you wish.

If you have little ones, bring along some fun water toys for them to play with in the water, or use the Bluetooth speaker to play some of your favorite music.

Choose from either a half or full-day rental and enjoy soaking up the warm, Florida sun as you enjoy time with friends and family.


What’s Included in This Tour:

  • Half or full-day private pontoon rental
  • Capacity for up to 10 people
  • Cooler for drinks and snacks
  • Retractable shade
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Safety gear and life vests


What a previous guest had to say about the boat tour:

The staff was friendly and helpful.  The views were beautiful.  I highly recommend the full day tour to explore the small islands.




Photo Credit- Destiny Water Adventures

One of the best ways to see Florida’s marine life is by getting out on the water and searching for them

This tour is rated 4.5 Stars with over 20 reviews! 


Tour length- Approximately 2 Hours


One of the best ways to see Florida’s marine life is by getting out on the water and searching for them. Which is exactly what this thrilling small-group jetski adventure allows you to do!

This two-hour tour allows you to head out and make a stop at Crab Island on your hunt for bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat.

Hop aboard the two-seater jet ski and cruise on out into those beautiful Florida waters as your tour guide guides you to the best dolphin-watching places and helps ensure that you have a wonderful experience. 

They may also even help you take photos, which you can purchase after the tour is over.

This is one of the most unique and fun experiences on this list, and the whole family is bound to have a great time, making fun memories.


What’s Included in This Tour:

  • Use of a 2-seater jet ski
  • Tour guide
  • Fuel
  • Stop at Crab Island
  • Option to purchase photos from the tour


What a prior guest had to say about the Tropical Party Cruise:

We had a blast!  Our tour guide Chris had great energy and showed us a lot of dolphins.  We weren’t sure if we would see any because of the cold weather, but we saw quite a few, which totally made the tour.




When Is The Best Time To Visit Crab Island?

Crab Island is a beautiful place to visit any time of year, although, at certain times, the water is going to be colder.

The water is at its warmest during the summer months, so between June and August.

It’s also recommended to visit Crab Island when the water is at high tide, as the water looks the prettiest during this time. High tide typically occurs daily between 9 and 10 am.

Additionally, the best months for high tide are May and June.

This is when most food vendors and sometimes even inflatable obstacle courses are present on the island.

How Do You Get To Crab Island?

Crab Island is only accessible by boat, and there are many different options for ways to get out there.

Firstly, you can take any of these Crab Island tours on this list, as most of them lead you out to the sandbar and allow you time to explore.

Secondly, you could rent a boat or pontoon to take out on the water and enjoy your visit at your own leisurely pace.

Or if you have your own boat, you can certainly take that out to the island as well.

Alternatively, one of the most common ways is by taking a charter boat or the Crab Island shuttle boat that brings visitors out to the island. Each varies in cost.

Some people also enjoy taking kayaks or jetskis, although this can get more difficult due to the wakes from other boat traffic.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Crab Island?

There is no specific cost to actually visit Crab Island, besides the cost that you must pay for transportation.

So depending on how you plan to get to the island since it is only accessible by boat, you’ll need to pay for that.

As for tours, shuttles, and charters, the prices vary greatly depending on which one you choose to take or book.

If you choose to purchase any food or drinks on the island from the floating food vendors, those will cost you as well.

How Long Is A Boat Ride From Destin Harbor To Crab Island?

The time that it takes to ride a boat from Destin Harbor to Crab Island depends on what form of transportation you’re taking.

A trip on a boat straight to the island might take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

If you take a tour, it may take longer to get to the island itself because there may be detours and stops along the way.





Destin Jetties Across From Crab Island

There are beautiful white sand beaches across the bridge from Crab Island

What Should I Bring On The Crab Island Tour?


All of the tours on this list will provide almost everything you need, but there are a few additional things to pack.

Always remember your sunscreen to help protect your skin from the hot Florida sun.

On top of the sunscreen, you’ll also want sunglasses and a sun hat to keep the sun out of your face.  Lastly, bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the tour.

Here are more essentials for your trip!


Never hit the water without your sunscreen.  You’ll want at least SPF 30 to protect from the Florida sun.



Sun Bum Sun Screen 

If you’re planning a boat cruise, quick drying beach towels are an essential item to pack.  Unlike regular towels, quick drying beach towels are made from materials that dry quickly, meaning you won’t have to worry about them getting wet and heavy as the day goes on.

 Quick Drying Beach Towel

Bring back memories from your underwater adventure with this waterproof camera!

Waterproof Camera

Keep your phone dry and take beautiful pictures under water with a waterproof phone case. 

Waterproof Phone Case 

Final Thoughts: Crab Island Tours

Florida’s Crab Island has become a popular destination for travelers and locals because of its easy access from Destin and fun activities.

On one of these Crab Island tours, you’re able to head out to the sandbar and spend time soaking up the sun as you have a fun day in Florida.

For more on Crab Island and how to spend your day here, check out the Ultimate Guide To Crab Island! 



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